Meet the Team

Robbie LeBlanc – Director, Major and Planning Giving

Robbie has lived in the UK for most of his life but was born in Louisiana into a family of farmers, fishers, and hunters. Having spent his childhood rescuing stray cats, dogs, birds, turtles, and other animals, he soon found his way to PETA US as a volunteer and a lifetime of activism began.

After moving to London and qualifying as an accountant, Robbie enjoyed a successful 10-year career at The Guardian newspaper. Since 2011, he has been leading the major and planned giving teams at PETA. Robbie and the team spend much of their time updating Vanguard Society and Augustus Club members on PETA’s latest victories, campaign developments, and the difference their donations are making for all animals.

Lydia Brothwell – Major Gifts Manager

Lydia joined PETA in 2015 shortly after completing a degree in animal science and management. During her studies, she took every opportunity to speak up for animals – from encouraging peers to use a realistic model instead of dissecting a frog to challenging the notion that animals can be reared “humanely” for food.

Lydia has always had a close affinity with animals, becoming vegetarian at age 7 and vegan in 2010. She has volunteered in South America, caring for animals rescued from the circus and other exploitative practices, and closer to home with dogs awaiting permanent homes. She lives with lively Spanish podenco Maddox, who was rescued from a pound in Valencia. Lydia feels very fortunate that her role lets her get to know PETA’s supporters and show them the difference they are making to animals’ lives.