Who was Vanguard?

The namesake of the Vanguard Society was a rescued dog who was to be used in a fatal and painful deep-sea diving-chamber experiment by the US Naval Research Laboratory in Maryland. This timid cocker spaniel–poodle mix was among groups of dogs used in cruel tests for which they underwent procedures that caused blood to spurt from their nostrils, crushed their eardrums, and resulted in countless painful deaths.

After Vanguard was rescued, we discovered that he was covered with mange sores and infected bite wounds. With special care, he was nursed back to health and placed in a loving home.

We chose Vanguard’s name because of its meaning: the forefront of a movement. The PETA Vanguard Society was established to recognise our core supporters and maintain a close relationship with the members we consider an integral part of PETA’s work to stop the cruelty, abuse, and neglect of all animals.

The compassion and generosity of our Vanguard Society members make it possible for PETA to continue to lead the way in the fight for the rights of animals.

Watch this special message from PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk: