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Stop Plans for Greyhound Racing at Oxford Stadium

Don’t let Oxford Stadium reopen for greyhound racing. Urge Oxford City Council to revitalise the community without condemning dogs to misery!

Greyhounds racing.

The Cruelty Behind the ‘Sport’

In this archaic and cruel “sport”, sickness and injuries – including broken legs, heatstroke, and heart attacks – affect thousands of dogs each year, many of whom die as a result. Dogs are often doped, and some test positive for Class A drugs – including cocaine.

Greyhounds are gentle and sociable animals who crave human companionship. Despite this, after just a few minutes on the track, the dogs are forced back into a cramped cage or kennel. Often muzzled, they will spend up to 95% of their lives there. 

Puppies who don’t make the grade are often killed. According to the group then called the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, as many as 12,000 pups may be killed every year. Once they’re no longer considered fast enough for racing, thousands of greyhounds are abandoned in shelters, which are already bursting at the seams with homeless animals. 

Leave Greyhound Racing in the Past

Dog-racing stadiums have been closing down across the country – a clear sign that the British public is no longer interested in watching dogs being exploited for this outdated and cruel pastime. 

Many former racing stadiums have been redeveloped into sites that host car racing, football, or other sports that involve willing human participants. Urge Oxford City Council to do the same.

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