Compassionate Gifts That Give Twice!

Every virtual gift – such as “Save Baby Seals” or “Rest for a Weary Animal” – will immediately strengthen PETA’s life-changing work. Giving a PETA Present is a great way to help animals, and you can send it with a beautiful e-card to make your loved ones smile!


Save Baby Seals

This gift helps us educate fashion designers, retailers and consumers about the cruel skins industry and work to end the suffering and abuse of all animals.


Happy Mother's Day From Your Favourite Piglet

Your PETA Present gift will help us do more to counter the cruelty of the meat and dairy industries and promote healthy and humane diets.



Feed a Dog for a Month

Help supply a month’s worth of nutritious food for a neglected dog struggling to survive.


‘Love Us, Don’t Eat Us’

Turn even more people on to a more compassionate – and healthier – lifestyle by choosing our “Love Us, Don’t Eat Us” gifts.


Happy Mother’s Day to the Purrfect Mum!

Your PETA Present gift will help fund PETA's vital work to prevent cats and other animals from suffering in crude and deadly experiments.


No More Animal Tests

Animal testing is cruel and archaic and needs to stop. By choosing our “No More Animal Tests” gift, you’ll be helping us save rats, mice, monkeys, and other animals and create a more compassionate world for all.


Rest for a Weary Animal

Bullocks, donkeys, and other animals worked to exhaustion need your help.


One Month’s Worth of Food and Veterinary Care

Provide an animal in a sanctuary with necessities for a month.


Make Your Own

Choose an amount to support all of PETA’s work to end suffering and promote animal rights.