Right now in towns and cities across India, bullocks and other working animals are trudging along in the heat, straining to pull an overloaded, poorly balanced cart while suffering from dehydration, untreated sores, and muscle strain – and even enduring beatings.

Alleviating the misery of these animals is why Animal Rahat was founded. This wonderful organisation has been offering relief to the many bullocks, elephants, dogs, and other animals in India who often desperately need its help. The group's team of veterinarians and their assistants, animal carers, and community educators is committed to giving care and support to animals in regions where none would otherwise be available.

Your gift to PETA's projects benefiting Animal Rahat will help the animals rescued and aided by the group and provide it with the resources it needs in order to buy vital medicine and be able to respond quickly with emergency medical treatment when required.

Will you donate to PETA's projects supporting Animal Rahat's critical work today?

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