Save Animals Like It's Your Birthday!

Want to make your birthday super-special this year? Celebrate it by making a difference for animals! It's really easy – and the best part is that everything you need is available through your Facebook account.

1. Get ready: create your Facebook fundraising page here. Make sure it's ready to go on your special day.

2. Get set: setting a goal is a proven way to motivate people to pitch in. Add a zero to whatever age you'll be this year. For example, turning 30? Go for £300. Remember that no matter how much you bring in, every pound you raise will make a difference for animals.

3. Get creative: personalise your fundraising page. Choose a great photo, and write a short, personal message about why you're using your birthday to help animals.

4. Share, share, share: share your page with your Facebook friends before and on your birthday so that they know what the perfect gift for you will be this year.

5. Celebrate: don't forget to enjoy your big day – and remember to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and for helping you make a difference for animals.

While birthdays come just once a year, you can make a difference in the lives of animals for a lifetime. When you blow out the candles this year, do more than wish for a more compassionate world for all living beings.