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Tell Bacha Coffee to Cut the Crap and Drop Civet Cat Coffee

“Kopi luwak” or “cat-poop coffee” is made from the beans of coffee berries that have been eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet, or civet cat. To produce it, civet cats are captured from their natural habitat in Indonesia or bought at live-animal markets, confined to miserably small cages, and fed an unhealthy, unnatural diet that consists primarily of coffee berries so that producers can harvest the coffee beans from their faeces. This is not a delicacy, it’s a disgrace.

A PETA Asia investigation revealed how civet cats were commonly confined to barren, filthy cages encrusted with faeces, dirt, and decomposing berries.

Many had painful open wounds for which they did not appear to receive any medical care.

A civet cat in a cage.

Although kopi luwak is often advertised as “wild-sourced”, one farmer told an eyewitness that it would be nearly impossible to source it exclusively from the wild. Producers also suggested deliberately mislabelling coffee from captive civet cats.

A civet cat.

Don’t be duped – never buy civet cat coffee. Tell Bacha Coffee to cut ties with the cruel “cat-poop coffee” industry.

Bacha Coffee

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