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Are you a student at the University of Bath or Bristol? If the answer is yes, help make a difference for animals by joining PETA’s Forced Swim Test Student Action Team.

We’ll keep you up to date on campaign actions you can take to protest the use of the forced swim test at your university and alert you to PETA’s demonstrations, petitions, and other actions you can get involved with!

Help us stop cruelty to mice and rats. At the universities of Bath and Bristol, experimenters dose mice or rats with a test substance, then put them in sheer-sided containers of water and watch them paddle furiously in search of an escape. At some point, the animals stop swimming and start floating. Experimenters time how long it takes for this to happen on the absurd assumption that it can tell us something about the efficacy of drugs that could be used to treat humans with anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

The validity of the forced swim test has been debunked by scientists. This pointless test does nothing more than terrify small animals and is no more predictive than a coin toss. Learn more about it here

We need students like you to put pressure on the universities to do the right thing for animals and stop using the cruel test.

If you attend the University of Bath or the University of Bristol, fill out the form below and join the growing number of activists helping animals used in the forced swim test.

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