UK and Ireland's Most Beautiful Vegan Over 50 Competition 2021 – Vote Now

The entries are in – now it’s time to vote to help PETA select the winner! Our valiant vegan finalists are living proof that nothing is more beautiful than compassion, but who deserves to walk away with this year’s title?

This isn’t just about great headshots or body mass index. PETA particularly wants to celebrate vegans over 50 who have a passion for animal rights that never grows old. Use your vote to support mature vegans who are compassionate, enthusiastic, dedicated, optimistic, smart, fun, encouraging, and uplifting – all super-attractive virtues.

This year’s winner will receive a decadent vegan food hamper from Fortnum & Mason, including a bottle of the finest vegan Prosecco.

Public voting to help us decide the winner will end at 5 pm on Friday, 20 August.



Health-conscious entrepreneur Paul is a former British Royal Marine who runs his own events company. Two years ago, after watching The Game Changers and taking a closer look at the way animals are treated, this “tough guy” went vegan. Now, Paul frequently talks to men about vegan living and has inspired others – including another former military man – to make the switch.


Clare doesn’t just encourage her friends to go vegan, she also volunteers for Fresh Start for Hens, helping to find new homes for hens from factory farms. After seven months of being vegan, the busy mum, grandma, and teaching assistant says she’s never felt better. When she isn’t watching her daughter dance, spending time with her grandchildren, or gardening, Clare loves to cook up a variety of tasty vegan meals – and feels fantastic for it.  


After meeting Ingrid and Leona Lewis at a PETA event in London eight years ago, Julie decided to go vegan. On top of her work as a client care manager for a law firm and a yoga teacher, she also found time to rescue three lambs and 45 turkeys from slaughter at local farms. Her energy and drive doesn’t stop there – she’s also run six marathons!


Vegetarian since birth, Raksha decided she wanted to live her life with kindness and compassion after learning more about animal rights – now, she’s been vegan for four years. As a grandmother, Raksha loves to invent new and interesting dishes to cook for family and friends.


A landlord and purveyor of rare, antiquarian books, Vance was at a book fair in New York when he learned about the health benefits of going vegan. Now, he’s been vegan for eight years and has found that it’s transformed his health. As a PETA supporter, he wants to let the world know about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to both animals and humans. 


Steve’s inspiring vegan journey began eight years ago when he was diagnosed with ANCA vasculitis – a rare blood disease – that resulted in a month-long stay in hospital. After health difficulties which included resuscitation, Steve was on his way home when he saw a field full of animals and thought, “I’ve been given a second chance, but these animals have no chance.” Since then, he’s committed his life to defending animals by being vegan, helping local campaigners promote veganism, and encouraging his friends to do the same.


Caroline decided to go vegan for the animals 34 years ago, and she didn’t let the limited food options stop her. Today, she enjoys delicious Buddha bowls and walking dogs whose guardians can’t do so. It’s easy to see why her hard work and compassion has resulted in a British Empire Medal nomination, as she constantly seeks to improve the lives of animals – including by adopting chickens rescued from factory farms, helping to find new homes for cats and dogs, volunteering at an animal shelter in Spain. And that’s just scratching the surface! 


After two years of being vegan, Sue wonders why she didn’t make the switch sooner! A mother of three children, she’s ecstatic that two of them are currently planning vegan weddings. As well as being outspoken about vegan living, she co-runs a popular vegan Instagram page with her daughter that highlights how accessible vegan food options are in their area. In her spare time, she loves cooking up a vegan storm and supporting the local animal sanctuary. 

The voting is now closed.