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Stop the Exploitation of Whales and Dolphins in Tourism

ABTA, a travel trade association, is letting dolphins and whales down! Remind it that marine animals need protection, too.

The company advises against the promotion of tourist activities such as bullfighting and elephant rides. Urge it to update its Animal Welfare Guidelines to add facilities that exploit dolphins and whales to its “unacceptable practices” list.

Orca in captivity

Why Marine Parks Suck

All animals deserve respect. They aren’t selfie props or circus attractions.

Whales and dolphins are complex, highly intelligent animals who have their own language and culture. In the ocean, orcas can swim up to 150 miles a day. Imagine how they feel being imprisoned in cramped tanks.

Orcas are left to languish in concrete tanks about 10,000 times smaller than their natural home range. They may also be drugged with diazepam and other tranquilisers. At SeaWorld, 140 dolphins are packed into just seven tanks. Their water is chemically treated, and they’re forced to perform confusing tricks. Life in a marine park is no life at all.

ABTA Needs to Do Better!

ABTA’s Animal Welfare Guidelines lists wild-animal performances  among its unacceptable practices. But why is it OK with letting marine mammals endure a life of misery in watery prisons?

The UK hasn’t had these cruel attractions since the 1990s, and Belgium, Canada, France, India, and other countries have banned cetacean captivity. Jet2holidays, easyJet holidays, Southall Travel, British Airways Holidays, Your Co-op Travel, Club Med, and Virgin Atlantic Holidays refuse to promote marine parks. ABTA is now lagging behind, allowing members like TUI to continue to support these barbaric spectacles.

Take Action

PETA has highlighted the cruelty behind marine parks to ABTA, but the organisation is dragging its feet. Join us and urge it to live up to its “responsible tourism at home and abroad” claim by doing the right thing for whales and dolphins. Ask ABTA to revise its animal welfare guidelines and add promoting captive cetacean tourist destinations to its list of unacceptable practices:


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