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Urge These Companies to Stop Sponsoring the Grand National

The Grand National is a national disgrace. Will you urge these companies to withdraw their support of this shameful spectacle in which horses are raced to death?

The Grand National is one of the most dangerous horse races in Britain. Forty skittish horses are forced to run over 4 miles at breakneck speed while tackling 30 obstacles – including drops, ditches, and very high fences. The course is designed to be challenging – which makes it dangerous and often deadly.

How Dangerous Is the Grand National?

Twenty-nine horses have died as a result of racing at the Grand National meeting since 2010, and countless others have been injured. At Becher’s Brook, aptly nicknamed the “killer fence”, horses have slammed face-first into the ground and collided with each other, breaking necks, backs, and legs.

Horses who can’t run fast enough are often discarded like used betting slips. They’re handed over to rescue charities, left to languish in fields, shot at stables, or sold for slaughter. 500 horses connected to the English racing industry are sent to the abattoir each year.

Take Action to Stop Racing Horses to Death

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 event was replaced with a computer simulation. But live horse racing is now back on, putting horses at risk of injury and death.

Take action and urge these companies to stop sponsoring the live Grand National:

  • Step one: Click here to send an e-mail automatically to Ryanair, National Express, Randox Health, and Pinsent Masons.
  • Step two: Fill out the form below to send a message to Chi Chi London, Marsh, and Molson Coors.

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