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Take one glance at a supermarket shelf or a restaurant menu and you'll know it to be true: vegan eating is booming. Over one-third of British adults are vegan, vegetarian, or actively reducing their meat consumption, and meat-free proteins are the fastest-growing segment of the food industry.

Business Insider has tipped plant-based chicken to be the meat alternative that defines 2020. Just this year, KFC launched its hugely successful vegan chicken burger nationwide – and sold a million of them in January alone – and Nando's followed with its own peri delicious vegan chicken.

Many other major chains – including Costa, Papa John's, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Greggs – offer exciting options featuring vegan meats. The demand is there, which represents an enormous opportunity for business of all sizes.


Vegan chicken is big news and big business, and PETA can help your takeaway reach the booming vegan market.

Download our free, helpful guide to introducing vegan fried chicken.

What's in it?

  • Top tips for successful vegan options
  • Menu inspiration
  • Vegan brands
  • And much more!

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