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Urge the Danish Military to Stop Killing Pigs in Trauma Training!

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The Danish military needs to stop its apparent violation of EU law and end the deadly use of animals in live tissue training (LTT) completely. During these exercises, the military uses pigs as stand-ins for troops wounded in combat. Medical personnel purportedly practise surgeries on the live, bleeding animals.

The list of injuries inflicted on the pigs will give you the shivers. According to official documents associated with this training, these sensitive animals are subjected to "war- and terror-related injuries", including gunshot wounds, blast wounds, amputation, punctured lungs, airway injuries, and eye damage.

PETA Germany first contacted the ministry about ending the live-animal drills in 2011. We released graphic photos of these exercises in 2014. They show live pigs hung from a wooden frame and shot with rifles and handguns to inflict traumatic injuries. The escalation of PETA's campaign comes on the heels of new evidence that Denmark reduced the number of animals mutilated for these training drills by 91% between 2016 and 2020 following extensive discussions with PETA and our affiliates.

These exercises are an apparent violation of EU law, which requires the use of non-animal methods whenever possible. Denmark's apparent ignorance of all available non-animal methods is not a legally permitted excuse for continuing to use animals in LTT.

Using gentle pigs as disposable tools and inflicting massive injuries in an attempt to mimic human war wounds is indefensible.

Help End These Barbaric Drills

PETA and our US affiliate have filed a complaint urging the Danish minister of defence to stop mutilating pigs.

Please take action for pigs, too.

Send a letter to the minister asking for an immediate suspension of LTT while the military investigates and adopts modern, effective, non-animal methods and for the adoption of a definitive timeline for fully ending the Danish armed forces' use of animals for LTT.


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