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Urge Boris Johnson to Ban Imports of Hunting Trophies

All animals are beloved by their mates and offspring, but to hunters, they're only the sum of their body parts, seen simply as living targets to kill, decapitate, and display on the wall. In the past decade, trophy hunters have imported 2,500 animal parts into the UK, including the heads and skins of cheetahs, elephants, lions, hippos, and zebras. The UK can deter hunters from taking part in the killing of animals by banning imports of such trophies, thereby preventing people from bringing their sick souvenirs home.

You can help wild animals by demanding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduce a ban without delay. He vowed ahead of the December 2019 general election to end imports of animal heads and carcasses into the UK, a promise he reiterated in the House of Commons in February 2020. 

Polls show that nine out of 10 British people want to see an end to this horrific activity, because they know that animals shot by trophy hunters often endure a prolonged and painful death – simply so that hunters can chop off their heads and other body parts and send them back home as trophies. By continuing to allow hunters to ship these macabre items to the UK, the government is supporting the slaughter of elephants, lions, and other magnificent species. 

Please use the form below to urge the prime minister to listen to the will of the people and make good on his promise to ban imports of hunting trophies into the UK, as other countries, including Australia and the Netherlands, have already done.

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