Urge the Government to Ditch the Meat Mandate for Schools

Did you know that it's still mandatory for school caterers in England to serve meat, fish, and dairy? Sir Paul McCartney, MPs, councillors, and environmental, health, food, and other groups have asked the government to revise these guidelines so that schools have a choice in the matter. Will you join them?

Add your name to our petition urging the government to give caterers the freedom to serve children healthier, more sustainable meals.

Here's why the standards should be reviewed:

For the Climate

Children deserve to live on a planet free from the deadly effects of the climate crisis. Since all meat production generates vastly more greenhouse gases than the production of plant-based equivalents does, requiring schools to serve meat contributes to climate change. When the government's climate advisers, the United Nations, and scientists worldwide are calling for a reduction in meat and dairy consumption, why are they still mandatory on school menus?

For Human Health

Twenty per cent of children in the UK are obese by the time they're in year 6, making them more likely to develop cancer, diabetes, and heart disease later in life. Mandatory servings of meat, fish, and dairy – foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat – can contribute to obesity, while a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, pulses, and sources of unsaturated plant-based fats can help children stay healthy. The School Food Standards are so outdated that they don't even match up with the government's own nutritional advice to the public – the Eatwell Guide – which recommends people eat more plant-based protein and reduce their consumption of red and processed meats. So long as children's nutritional needs are met, caterers should have the flexibility to decide which foods to include on their menus.

Help Give Children Healthier Meals

The School Food Standards must be revised. Ask Secretary of State for Education to remove the mandatory servings of meat (including fish) and dairy from the standards.


To: Gillian Keegan

Secretary of State for Education

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Dear Minister,

I urge you to revise the School Food Standards for England to remove the mandatory servings of fish, meat, and dairy.

Individual school caterers should have the freedom to ensure that children's nutritional needs are met regardless of whether they offer these animal-derived foods. Removing this requirement would be in line with the UK's health goals, climate science, and modern dietary choices.

Please revise the School Food Standards to give caterers the option to serve healthier, more sustainable meals to children.




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