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Help Stop the Slaughter of Donkeys for Chinese Medicine

Hideously shocking eyewitness footage from Chinese farms shows that donkeys as young as 5 months old are bludgeoned and their throats are cut to make traditional Chinese medicine.

These gentle animals are killed for one reason: so that their skins can be sold to pharmaceutical companies in China, which boil them down to make gelatine for ejiao, an ingredient used in medicines, cosmetics, and confectionery.

After PETA Asia released footage of donkeys being beaten in Kenya, which was one of China's main donkey-skin suppliers, Kenya's Ministry of Agriculture banned donkey abattoirs in that country. Now, you can help spare more donkeys a violent slaughter.

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Please send a message to Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese ambassador, asking him to use his influence to stop the cruel treatment of donkeys in China.

Embassy of China in the United Kingdom

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