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Speak Up for Monkeys Chained and Driven Insane for Coconut Products

Update (11 November, 2022): The Thai government and companies that make coconut products have claimed that monkeys are no longer being used in the making of exported products – but a 2022 PETA Asia investigation confirmed that rampant abuse of primates is still going unchecked and that Thai coconut industry insiders are deliberately hiding forced monkey labour in their supply chain.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to help stop this cruelty.

Originally posted on 3 July 2020:

A disturbing PETA Asia investigation reveals that terrified young monkeys in Thailand are kept chained, driven insane, abusively trained, and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts used to make coconut milk, oil, and other products.

For the Thai coconut industry, many monkeys are reportedly illegally abducted from their families and homes in nature when they're just babies. They're fitted with rigid metal collars and kept chained or tethered until they're no longer useful to farmers.

The terrified young monkeys are forced to perform frustrating and difficult tasks, such as twisting heavy coconuts until they fall off the trees from a great height. An investigator learned that if monkeys try to defend themselves, their canine teeth may be pulled out. 

Some monkeys were transported in cramped cages that were barely large enough for them to turn around in, and others were left in locked cages on the back of a pick-up truck with no shelter from the driving rain. One monkey was seen frantically shaking the cage bars in a vain attempt to escape.

Take Action

  • Please make sure that your coconut products don't come from suppliers that use monkey labour. Avoid Chaokoh and all coconut products from Thailand that are made with coconuts picked by monkeys. In general, coconut products originating in Brazil, Colombia, Hawaii, India, and the Philippines are supplied by companies that don't use monkey labour.
  • Sign below to urge Chaokoh to stop supporting this cruel industry by obtaining their coconuts from companies that don't use monkeys.

Personalised letters always work best. Feel free to use the sample letter provided, but keep in mind that your letter will carry more weight if you write your own customised message and subject line.


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