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Badgers Held in Cramped Cages, Beaten, and Killed for Their Hair – Take Action Now!

PETA Asia's horrifying investigation into China's badger-brush industry revealed that badgers on farms are locked inside small, filthy cages, in which they're deprived of the opportunity to dig, care for their young, forage for food, or do anything else that would make their lives worth living.

After PETA and our affiliates shared the video footage, Procter & Gamble's The Art of Shaving, Penhaligon'sCult Beauty, Floris London, Morphe, NARS, and many more companies made the compassionate decision to ban badger hair. We need your help to urge companies still profiting from the industry to drop badger-hair brushes immediately.

PETA Asia's investigation shows that badgers, who are highly social animals, pace back and forth and circle endlessly inside the cramped cages in a desperate attempt to escape their physical and psychological anguish. Many of them go insane in these conditions. Footage shows an abattoir worker bashing badgers in the head with a chair leg, and one animal was still moving for a full minute after his throat was cut. There's no acceptable reason to use brushes that contain animal hair, whether for make-up, grooming, or painting – especially when there are so many high-performing vegan bristles available. 


Take Action Now

Please send e-mails to the following executives urging them to ban badger hair:

Then fill out the form below to urge others still profiting from this abuse to drop badger-hair brushes immediately in favour of cruelty-free options.

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