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Urge 'I'm a Celebrity' to Stop Abusing Animals for Entertainment

The ITV show I'm a Celebrity … Get Me out of Here! abuses animals for its "bushtucker trials". During these challenges, celebrity participants perform ghastly acts such as sticking their hands or heads into tanks filled with insects, spiders, mice, rats, or fish; crawling into small spaces on top of masses of rats or insects; and even eating animals and their body parts. Killing animals off camera before contestants are pressured into eating them – or using them in tired, tacky, cruel stunts – must end.  



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Unlike the celebrity contestants, who want to be on the show, animals are not there by choice. They endure stress, are confined to small and unfamiliar spaces, and, in many cases, lose their lives for the sake of a few cheap laughs.

All animals want to live free from harm. They deserve better than to be used in irresponsible and inhumane stunts in an attempt to boost ratings.

This disregard for life also sends a dangerous message to viewers that abusing animals is acceptable and even entertaining.

The show has been running for over two decades now, but its producers are still stuck in their cruel ways – even though people in the UK voice their disgust at the blatant animal abuse shown every year.


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Take Action Now

Please urge ITV to ensure that I'm a Celebrity stops abusing animals.

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