Speak Out for Horses Beaten, Whipped, and Overworked at Romanian Markets

At markets across Romania, traders abuse horses in front of a crowd of potential buyers to demonstrate the animals' strength and fetch the highest price. New investigative footage released by PETA Germany shows traders whipping and beating horses whilst forcing them to pull large, heavy tree trunks and boulders.

Exhausted horses were seen collapsing on the ground, yet traders whipped them until they got back up and continued dragging their load. They also pulled their tails to increase the resistance and whipped them at every step.

One horse was found dumped in a nearby river with his legs tied together.

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This footage will be used in criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. In the meantime, please help horses by signing the petition to end cruel horse markets in Romania.


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Geronimo Răducu Brănescu
Romanian National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority

Liviu Vasilescu
Inspector General
Romanian Police

Dear Dr Răducu Brănescu and Mr Vasilescu,

A new PETA Germany investigation has brought to my attention the immense cruelty that horses face at markets across Romania.

As shown in the investigative footage, horses are forced to pull boulders, carriages with blocked wheels, and long, heavy tree trunks – all whilst being whipped and beaten by traders.

The footage clearly shows that exhausted horses are pushed to their limits – many even collapse.  

I am shocked that such barbaric cruelty is commonplace in a European country. Please make the compassionate move and implement an immediate ban on horse markets in Romania.


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