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Urge South Korean Racing Industry to End Abuse and Killing of Unwanted Horses

PETA has released eyewitness video footage from an investigation revealing that panicked horses cast off by the South Korean racing industry were beaten with poles – many of them in the face – as workers tried to force them into the abattoir. Some were killed in full view of their companions.

The Korea Racing Authority (KRA) imports horses from Australia, the US, and other countries for racing and breeding. While aggressively breeding and bringing in new blood to improve South Korean racing, the KRA discards those horses who get injured or don't succeed. A KRA official stated in 2018 that of the 1,600 horses "retired" from the racing industry each year, only about 3% of them are deemed suitable for other equestrian uses. Where do all the rest go? Horse flesh is sold in restaurants and supermarkets, and horse fat or "oil" is used in beauty products.


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Please urge the KRA to stop supporting and promoting the horsemeat industry and to commit to developing a comprehensive retirement plan for unwanted horses.

Korea Racing Authority

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