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Help End the Hideously Cruel Live-Export Industry

Every year, millions of Australian animals are crammed onto multilevel, open-decked ships bound for ports around the globe. When they arrive, they’re dragged off as if they were sacks of coal and their throats are cut while they’re still conscious. The Australian government is set to ban the live export of sheep by 2028, but the policy must include all animals and be implemented as soon as possible.


A shocking PETA exposé shows that workers in Indonesia are still butchering live animals who are imported from Australia, even though the Australian government insisted that the gruesome practice had been stopped.

In October 2023, a PETA Asia investigator recorded video footage showing that two cows with Australian ear tags were thrashing around on an abattoir floor after workers slashed their throats. Both animals were still kicking and one was heard gurgling as they were dragged by their legs across the filthy floor and hoisted. One of the cows continued to struggle until a worker cut deeper into their throat.

No animal should ever suffer the hellish conditions of the live-export trade or the terror of cruel slaughter methods.

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Ask the Australian high commissioner to put an end to this horrific practice today.

The Hon
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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