Urge the British Fashion Council to Ban Fur at London Fashion Week 

London Fashion Week is just around the corner. While the vast majority of fashion houses now have strict no-fur policies and the UK  introduced a ban on fur farming nearly 20 years ago, the British Fashion Council (BFC) is refusing to take decisive action on this important issue, claiming it won't "restrict the materials" designers use on its catwalks. According to its website, the council's "strategic pillars" include "sustainability" and "ethics" , but as long as it continues to support the cruel slaughter of animals for fur, these will just be token efforts.

Our survey of designers who had a show or presentation at the February 2018 London Fashion Week found that 95 per cent – including Burberry and Mulberry – didn't use fur in their autumn/winter collections last year, and a BFC poll of designers planning to show at the September 2018 event revealed that it would be 100 per cent fur-free.

While designers are doing the right thing, the BFC must also reflect the changing times and British values by ensuring that fur is never again allowed to be paraded down its catwalks.

Image: © Essere Animali

Please join us in urging the BFC to introduce a ban on fur at London Fashion Week and at all its other events.

British Fashion Council

Urge the BFC to Ban Fur at London Fashion Week

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