Animal Rights Literature

PETA's literature allows anyone organising an animal rights stall or table to create a colourful and engaging display in order to inform members of the public about the ways in which animals suffer in our society.

Think Before You Eat – Vegan Leaflet

Save the Planet – Vegan Leaflet

Dairy Leaflet

Foie Gras Leaflet

Animals Aren’t Clothing – Fur Leaflet

Animal Testing Leaflet

TUI SeaWorld Cruelty Leaflet

Animal Rights Sticker Sheet

If you're planning an information stall or an event and would like to have a variety of leaflets available, we'd be happy to provide you with some. However, we ask that you please consider making a donation to help cover the printing and postage costs and support our work for all animals.

If you live in the UK or Ireland, use the form below to place your order, or contact us with special requests or enquiries. For orders to the US or Canada, please visit or

There are many ways to help animals without leaving your house. Check out PETA's "Step-by-Step Guide to Being an Animal Activist Online" for our top tips.

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As a PETA supporter, you're already helping to save the lives of animals. To show you how we put our supporters' donations to good use and to provide you with information on ways you can continue to help animals, including how to become a PETA member or make donations to support our work, we may contact you by post using the information you've provided in this form.

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