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PETA's educational resources help alleviate animal suffering by providing schoolchildren with the information they need in order to make compassionate choices concerning animals.

Culturally appropriate humane-education materials for primary and secondary school pupils can help teachers instil empathy in young people so that they’ll recognise their role in protecting animals from harm.

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‘Share the World’ Pack – KS 1 and 2

This cross-curricular pack for key stages 1 and 2 remains popular among teachers and pupils. It consists of a 28-minute video that explores the amazing abilities of the animals with whom we share this planet, a resource book with animal stories for teachers, poetry, lesson plans and a full-colour A1 wall poster.

This pack encourages pupils to see animals as sentient beings and explores the characteristics that animals share with humans as well as the extraordinary abilities that are unique to their species. From Priscilla the pig, who saved a drowning child, to Koko the gorilla, who uses sign language to describe what she feels, this pack explores a variety of animals and will appeal to both pupils and teachers.

Animal Rights Pack – GCSE English

This pack contains eight lesson plans designed for the British GCSE English curriculum. Using animal issues to stimulate work, pupils will develop their reading, researching, listening, writing, speaking, analysing and debating skills.

Using these lesson plans, teachers can ask students to analyse provocative poetry, write creatively about an animal they have known, present a talk about factory farming and listen to a passage by chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall.

Meat-Free Monday Primary Pack and Secondary Pack

Climate change, global poverty, substandard animal welfare and increasing rates of obesity are all issues that we can address right now. Meat-Free Monday aims to encourage school communities to reduce their meat consumption in order to improve pupils’ health, protect the environment, fight against world hunger and help animals. By participating in Meat-Free Monday for one year or more – and by using the PETA Foundation’s free cross-curricular lesson plans – pupils will better understand how the choices they make today will affect them (and future generations) tomorrow.

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