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Take a Stand Against the Romanian Dog Slaughter

Each year in Romania, tens of thousands of stray dogs, most of whom were struggling to survive on city streets, are systematically captured and slaughtered. Please speak out against this bloodshed, which is legal under Romanian law.

© David Trawin/CC BY-SA 2.0

Killing stray dogs never has any long-term benefit for population control. It has been shown repeatedly that the homeless-animal population quickly rebounds after large-scale killing campaigns. The only effective way to reduce the population of homeless dogs humanely is to implement a sterilisation programme and to prohibit the sale of animals in markets and pet shops. Since 2015, all dogs in Romania must legally be spayed or neutered, but few people are aware of this law, and little is done to enforce it.

It's urgent that compassionate people speak out now to urge the government to end this cruel extermination programme immediately. Please send a message to Romanian authorities right now.

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