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Help End the Sadistic 'Fire Bull' Festival in Soria

In Medinaceli, a picturesque town in the province of Soria, a "tradition" called Toro Júbilo brings shame upon Spain.

On the second weekend in November, balls of pitch (a sticky, black substance made from coal tar or petroleum) are stuck onto the horns of a bull and set on fire. The bull is then released onto the streets and can do nothing but run around in pain, often smashing into walls in an attempt to douse the fire. The agony he must endure is unimaginable. These fiery balls can remain alight for hours, burning his horns, eyes, and body and causing him tremendous stress – all while spectators cheer and run around him. This type of sadistic ritual is called toro embolado, which roughly translates as “bull with balls” (a reference to the balls of burning pitch that are stuck to his horns).

Please send Spanish officials a message now and urge them to cancel this sadistic event permanently.

Please take a moment to speak up for bulls below.

His Excellency
José Pascual
Marco Martínez
Embassy of Spain
Castilla y Leon
Regional Council
Tourism Board
President of the
Province of Soria

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