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Ask More4 to Stop Airing Crufts

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The BBC dropped the unethical dog show after revelations about ill, inbred animals. It's time for More4 to do the same.

psyberartist / CC BY 2.0

Crufts is a pageant for unhealthy dogs who are often plagued by agonising hereditary diseases after generations of inbreeding. The RSPCA refuses to attend the show, and no one who cares about dogs should celebrate this grotesque charade – nor should it be given a platform on British TV.

With its obsession with "purity of breed", Crufts popularises grossly exaggerated features in animals and awards prizes to dogs whose physical abnormalities make it impossible for them to lead a happy life – pugs with pushed-in faces who can barely breathe, Cavalier King Charles spaniels whose brains are too big for their skulls and bulldogs who can't even mate without assistance, to name just a few examples.

The culture of breeding also has wider implications for canine welfare. While breeders fetch thousands of pounds for ailing pedigree puppies, thousands of healthy, adoptable dogs in animal shelters are denied their chance at a loving home.

Please take action by telling More4 why you won't be tuning in to watch Crufts this year and asking the TV channel to stop airing the dog show. 

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