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Tell Sir Richard Branson to Stop Selling Trips to SeaWorld

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Virgin shamefully continues to offer SeaWorld ticket deals to its customers. 

Even though the documentary Blackfish exposed SeaWorld's abuse of animals to the public, its stock has tanked, STA Travel stopped selling tours there and major US companies such as Southwest Airlines have severed ties with it, Virgin continues to offer ticket deals to its customers.

Virgin says, "We are having productive discussions with the chief executive of SeaWorld, who has as a first step assured me that they will not capture wild cetaceans". For the orcas, dolphins and other animals imprisoned at SeaWorld now, this is not enough.

That's why we're asking you to take action and tell Virgin Group to stop supporting cruel marine parks. 

Virgin needs to be reminded that SeaWorld deprives intelligent, social orcas of everything that is natural and important to them. PETA, our international affiliates and the millions of people who watched Blackfish are calling on the abusement park to retire all its orcas to coastal sanctuaries.

Please ask Richard Branson to do the right thing and end Virgin's relationship with SeaWorld.

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