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Urge These Countries to Stop Mutilating Animals in Military Training

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In Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway, soldiers are shooting, stabbing, and dismembering live pigs and other animals in military trauma training.

Shooting a pig during military exercises

© Jørn Stjerneklar

During these exercises, animals may be shot with high-velocity bullets by a firing squad, stabbed, dismembered, and sometimes sewn back together. The sensitive animals can sustain bone fractures and suffer multiple organ failure before being killed.

It's outrageous that army personnel are treating animals this way, especially when superior non-animal methods exist. In fact, 21 of 31 NATO countries train their military using exclusively non-animal methods, which are more effective and don't cost animals' lives.

British soldiers have been travelling to Denmark to take part in these barbaric exercises, even though such practices wouldn't be permitted in the UK.

This type of training also appears to violate EU law. Directive 2010/63/EU states that animals must not be used in such procedures when non-animal options are available.

Please write to the governments of these countries and urge them to stop mutilating animals for military training.

The Honorable
The Honorable
Eriksen Søreide
Royal Ministry of Defence, Norway
Royal Ministry of Defence, Norway
Ministry of Defence,
The Netherlands

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