Urge ITV To Stop Broadcasting the Grand National

ITV is broadcasting the Grand National this year, even though this cruel event kills horses.

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At 4.5 miles, the Grand National is one of the longest and most controversial races in the world. The high risk factor is what makes it famous, but every year, horses pay with their lives, sustaining horrific and often fatal injuries at notorious fences such as The Chair, Becher's Brook, and Canal Turn. Every time that horses are forced to jump these excessively high obstacles, it puts tremendous pressure on their slender front legs, leading to broken necks, backs, and legs. Many suffer heart attacks on the course or develop debilitating medical conditions, including bleeding lungs and gastric ulcers.

By broadcasting and promoting the Grand National, ITV is complicit in animal abuse and suffering. Please take a stand for horses today and ask ITV Executive Chairman Peter Bazalgette not to broadcast this cruel event.


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