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Urge Nigerian Officials to Stop Serial Animal Torturer

Update (12 February 2024):
Nigerian officials have announced the opening of an investigation into this case. However, your message will help make apprehending this dangerous criminal a priority.

Original post:
Horrific depictions of the torture and killing of animals are being regularly posted on Facebook by a maniacal individual calling himself “Enenie nwa ite”. He claims to be the “high chief” of a village he calls “Ovoko ohagu” in Nsukka (in the state of Enugu), Nigeria.

In these videos, he and his cohorts are seen roasting, beating, and burning goats, puppies, and monkeys to death. Live animals have also been bound, starved, and cut apart. Some are deliberately tortured to death before the eyes of their frantic mothers, who are also bound. Although we aren’t making these extremely disturbing videos or screen grabs from them available in this alert, those who wish to know more can find greater detail in PETA US’ e-mail to Nigerian officials.

© Havva Zorlu / We Animals Media. This is a stock image.

The conduct in the videos appears to explicitly violate Section 495 of Nigeria’s Criminal Code Act, which prohibits torturing animals and causing them unnecessary suffering, and Section 450, which prohibits the unlawful wounding and killing of animals. Although PETA US caseworkers have alerted Nigerian officials, they’ve yet to receive any acknowledgement of the letter demanding that this man be stopped.

Please politely beseech the following officials in Nigeria to intervene quickly, before more animals suffer:

Adeolu Egbetokun
Nigeria Police Force
Tochukwu Ud
State of Enugu
Nsukka Local Government Area
State of Enugu
Ahmed Tinubu
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Olasunkanmi Fagbemi
Federal Ministry of Justice
Maitama Tuggar
Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Environment
Abbas Lawal
Federal Ministry of Environment

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