Animals in Laboratories Need You! Sign This Pledge to Help End Cruel Cosmetics Tests

The UK government stands against testing on animals for cosmetics, but cruelly tested products originating from other countries may still be sold here. Take a stand for animals in laboratories by adding your name to PETA’s pledge now.

Did you know that despite the ban on animal testing for cosmetics, animals are still used in cruel tests?

In alignment with European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) policy, the UK government allows ingredients – including those used exclusively in cosmetics products – to be tested on animals.

Over 400 chemicals are registered in the EU as ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics, and some of these are subject to new animal testing requests by ECHA

A government spokesperson has stated that under UK regulations, such tests on animals are permitted where required by UK regulators.

These tests completely undermine the purpose of the ban: to bring safe cosmetics to market without requiring new tests on animals.

No Animal Should Suffer or Be Killed in Cruel Cosmetics Tests

Will you pledge your support for ending cosmetics tests on animals?

Take Action Now

Every time you buy cosmetics or household products, you are voting with your wallet for a cruelty-free future or for sentencing animals to torment and death in laboratories.

Right now, millions of animals need your support. Pledge to buy only cruelty-free products and support PETA’s campaign to end all cosmetics tests on animals:

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I pledge...

to support an end to cosmetics tests on animals by purchasing only products from companies that are certified animal test–free and have a global policy against animal testing. I will also support PETA in its efforts to ensure that only non-animal methods are used for the safety assessment of chemicals and its work with policy-makers to establish a strategy for ending all tests on animals.

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