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Around the globe, investigations have revealed that the wool industry exploits, abuses, and kills sheep, treating them as nothing more than wool-producing machines. These intelligent, gentle individuals are shown little in the way of respect and compassion.

Fill out the form below to order some free stickers opposing this cruelty. Each postcard contains five stickers along with useful facts and information about the wool trade. Get creative and use them to inform people about the suffering sheep endure in the wool industry.

PETA entities have released dozens of videos documenting cruelty to sheep at 117 wool-industry facilities around the world.

In England, workers kicked and punched sheep, stamped on their heads, jabbed them in the face with sharp metal clippers, and left huge gashes on their bodies that were later crudely sewn up with a needle and thread – all without any painkillers.

And it’s not just the shearing process that’s cruel. Farmers also use knives, hot irons, or tight clamps to sever parts of the animals’ bodies, often without pain relief. The ears of lambs who are just a few weeks old are hole-punched, and their tails are cut off.

Please take action against this cruelty and order one of PETA’s anti-wool sticker postcards now.

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