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Alligators Killed for Giorgio Armani Watches – Take Action

Giorgio Armani banned fur in 2016, but the brand continues to sell exotic skins – despite hearing from PETA about the heinous cruelty within the industry. Alligators are kept in fetid pools before the day a metal rod is rammed into their head to scramble their brains. Compassionate consumers don’t want trivial accessories made from the skin of slaughtered alligators, yet Giorgio Armani refuses to modernise. Following the release of the Giorgio Armani 11 watch, which is offered with an alligator-skin band and modelled in promotional materials by founder Giorgio Armani, we’re redoubling our efforts to urge the brand to drop exotic skins from all future collections. Please join us by sending it a message now.

Giorgio Armani’s Connection to Cruelty

The new Giorgio Armani 11 watch is made in collaboration with Parmigiani Fleurier – a Swiss watchmaker known to source its alligator watch bands from Hermès, which was implicated in a PETA US investigation. Eyewitnesses found live reptiles sawed open and left to bleed to death on farms that supply skins to the brand.

Conscious Alligators’ Necks Cut

From Texas to Zimbabwe, PETA entities’ investigators have documented the appalling conditions in which animals are raised and killed for “luxury” items such as watch bands. Alligators are packed into dank pools and crocodiles are confined to crowded, barren concrete pits for months or even years before being slaughtered for their skins. Conservationists have warned that these highly unhygienic conditions create major breeding grounds for zoonotic pathogens, risking diseases that can spread from other animals to humans.

An investigator documented that some alligators were still conscious, flailing and kicking even minutes after workers had crudely hacked into their necks and tried to scramble their brains.

Help End the Exotic-Skins Industry

No matter where they come from or what meaningless standards brands tout, products made from skins involve subjecting highly intelligent, sensitive animals to squalid imprisonment and a violent death.

The cruelty will stop only when consumers refuse to support the exotic-skins industry and brands switch to animal-friendly materials. Please urge Giorgio Armani to end its involvement in alligator abuse and to use only faux-alligator bands in future collections.

Giorgio Armani

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