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Malta-Based Airline Ships Monkeys to Laboratories – Help Now!

Insider reports indicate that Maleth Aero, a Malta-based airline recently acquired by AELF FlightService, has begun shipping hundreds of monkeys to the US to be cut open, poisoned, imprisoned, and killed in laboratories. Tell the company that it must reverse its decision and stop fuelling the global trade in monkeys immediately.

Insider Reports

According to PETA US’ friends at Action for Primates, a plane belonging to Maleth Aero reportedly departed Cambodia for the US on 1 September 2022 with 360 long-tailed macaques aboard. This follows allegations that monkeys were likely transported on two other recent Maleth Aero flights from Asia to the US.

Extreme Cruelty to Monkeys

Around the world, including in the UK, experimenters have pushed long-tailed macaques to the brink of extinction. After being packed into cramped wooden shipping crates and forced to sit in their own faeces, urine, and blood for the long journey, the terrified monkeys are sent to laboratories, where they are slowly poisoned in toxicity tests or used for other excruciating experiments before being killed.

Like all primates, monkeys are highly social animals who live in tight-knit groups and use vocalisations, body language, and facial expressions to communicate with each other. But in laboratories, they’re deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them.

Major Airlines Don’t Support This Industry

PETA entities and their supporters, other animal protection groups, and the public have persuaded nearly every major airline in the world to stop transporting monkeys to laboratories. Recently, both Air France and EGYPTAIR pulled out of the industry following intense campaigning from PETA entities.

However, it seems that Maleth Aero and AELF FlightService prefer to ride against the tidal wave of public sentiment condemning this cruel practice in order to rake in more money and appease the animal experimentation industry.

Take Action Now

Please urge AELF FlightService not to send even one more shipment of these sensitive, intelligent individuals to be tormented and killed in laboratories.

You’re welcome to use our template letter, but framing the subject line and message in your own words will help draw attention to your e-mail.

AELF FlightService

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