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Urge parkrun to Cut Ties With the ‘Happy’ Egg Co

PETA and well-intentioned consumers were horrified to discover that parkrun is funded by animal suffering.

Farms that supply parkrun’s sponsor, the Happy Egg Co, were recently exposed by a PETA investigation that revealed how the brand misleads consumers with images of happy hens roaming in vast green fields, when the reality is very different.

Please urge parkrun to cut ties with the “Happy” Egg Co and accept sponsorship only from businesses that don’t exploit animals.

Crappy Eggs, Not Happy Eggs

The Happy Egg Co, owned by Noble Foods, is one of the largest “free-range” egg producers in the UK. The company’s marketing materials present idyllic scenes in which chickens are given acres of green fields to explore and foliage and trees to play in, which leads caring consumers to believe that its products come from “happy hens”.

In reality, we filmed disingenuously named “free-range” hens in filthy, overcrowded sheds. Most, if not all, of the birds had been subjected to routine mutilation, with part of their beaks cut off. Many had red, raw, and bleeding wounds, likely from pecking out each other’s feathers as a result of being stressed, frustrated, and kept in unnatural conditions.

The hens on farms that supply the Happy Egg Co are certainly not happy.

Speak Out for Hens

Earlier this year, PETA reported the brand to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for duping caring consumers with misleading marketing materials that depict happy hens in lush green fields.

After hearing from PETA that investigative footage revealed the majority – if not all – of the birds seen on farms supplying the Happy Egg Co were found with portions of their beaks cut off, the ASA presented PETA’s images to Noble Foods, the brand’s parent company, and all images of hens with intact beaks were subsequently removed from the Happy Egg Co’s marketing materials.

We were disappointed, however, that the ASA chose not to uphold other valid comments made by PETA and the public despite being presented with horrific images and video footage that proved the reality for hens was far from the fantasy presented by the brand.  

It’s clear that the ASA refuses to take further action to prevent these hens from suffering, so we must speak out and let people know that these “happy” eggs are really crappy eggs.

Please send a message to parkrun CEO Nick Pearson to let him know about the cruelty behind the “Happy” Egg Co and urge him to drop this controversial sponsor and to accept sponsorship only from businesses that don’t exploit animals. 

Personalising your e-mail is best, but here’s a template you can use or amend as you wish.


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