Urge Boris Johnson to Ban All Imports of Hunting Trophies

Update: 14 March 2022
Recent reports in the media alarmingly suggest that the government will de-prioritise animal welfare, claiming it is seen as “peripheral stuff” . This means that the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) and Animals Abroad bills are at risk of being dropped. If that happened, we’d lose proposed laws banning the importation of hunting trophies as a sick souvenir. While the world faces unprecedented challenges, promises to implement vital animal welfare legislation must be upheld and the government must fulfil its commitment to having and promoting the highest standards of animal welfare, as laid out in the 2021 Queen’s Speech. 

If the reports are true and these bills are torn up, the government would be betraying the animals it promised to protect as well as the public who elected it based on manifesto commitments such as banning hunting trophies and live export.

Giving the green light to organisations and individuals to continue to profit from cruelty to animals would make a mockery of the UK’s claim that we are a nation of animal lovers. The government must keep in mind a sentiment put forth by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, “The way we treat animals reflects our values and the kind of people we are.” 

Please take action now by telling the government to support the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) and Animals Abroad bills in their entirety, banning hunting trophies.

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All animals are loved by their mates and offspring, and those targeted by hunters are often vital to their family’s survival. But to hunters, they’re only the sum of their body parts, seen simply as living targets to kill, decapitate, and display on a wall. 

The UK can deter hunters from killing animals abroad by banning imports of hunting trophies, thereby preventing people from bringing their sick souvenirs home. As of December 2021, the government has stated its intention to do so, but we are yet to see this become law.

What Is the Government’s Action Plan?

In its Action Plan for Animal Welfare, the government  stated that it would ban the import of hunting trophies from endangered animals – and in December 2021, it went further by stating its intention to ban trophies from those who are threatened, too, meaning around 7,000 species will be covered by the forthcoming legislation.

The planned policy also closes an historic loophole for those who would kill animals for fun under the guise of “conservation” – often in painful and prolonged ways – to bring their body parts back to the UK as sick souvenirs.

Brits Don’t Support This Cruel Activity

Polls show that eight out of 10 British people want to see an end to this horrific activity, because they know that animals shot by trophy hunters often endure a slow, agonising death – simply so that hunters can chop off their heads and other body parts and send them back home as trophies. The government received over 44,000 responses to its 2019 consultation on a potential ban, and the vast majority – 86% – called for tighter restrictions.

Demand That the Ban on Hunting Trophies Be Introduced Without Delay

We now need to see words become action! Call on the government to bring forward the promised ban without delay. While politicians dither, animals will continue to be shot and maimed for hunters to pose with their carcasses and bring their body parts home.

Please sign the petition below to urge the prime minister to listen to the will of the people and make good on his promise to ban imports of  hunting trophies into the UK.


Dear Prime Minister:

I was outraged to learn that the UK government may still allow trophy hunters to ship the body parts of animals not yet facing extinction to the UK under the new Animals Abroad Bill. Allowing this condones the senseless killing of defenceless animals in a manner that often causes a prolonged and painful death. Please do the right thing and ban all imports of hunting trophies immediately.  

All animals are loved by their mates and offspring, but to hunters, they’re merely targets to kill, decapitate, and hang on a wall as decoration. Wild animals just want to be left in peace, but trophy hunters – lacking empathy, compassion, and respect for these living, feeling beings – get a sick thrill out of taking their lives. They’re willing to pay thousands of pounds to travel the world just to kill. Their victims are often trapped in a fenced compound or private game reserve or lured with bait from the safety of a national park into the awaiting shooter’s path. Some who facilitate this blood sport track down animals for a fee. It isn’t uncommon for them to encounter sleeping animals, who can be shot at extremely close range. 

Ahead of the last general election, you promised to ban hunting trophy imports. Please, end all such imports immediately. 


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