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Demand the Government Ban Live-Animal Export!

The UK exports hundreds of thousands of live animals every year to the EU and further away for slaughter and "fattening". When they leave the UK, the marginally better legal protections afforded to them here are left behind, and when they reach their destination, in many cases they suffer and meet an even worse death than they would experience here, in horrendous conditions that would be illegal in the UK.

Live animals, including babies and pregnant animals, are transported hundreds or even thousands of miles in dangerous conditions in all weather extremes, causing distress, injuries, and disease. They can be in transit for days, often without sufficient food, water, or rest. Many die as a result.

Animals commonly have to endure excessively long journeys and severe crowding and may be left waiting in lorries at ports for hours and hours. In addition to routine suffering, long-distance live transport can also result in fires, and ships may sink, causing the suffering and deaths of large numbers of animals. Most recently, in November 2019, over 14,000 sheep drowned when a ship capsized shortly after leaving port.

Transporting live animals thousands of miles in cramped, filthy conditions is also a major cause of the spread of zoonotic diseases around the globe – from foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza to SARS.

The live-export trade is dangerous and cruel, and it must be stopped.

What You Can Do

The Conservative Party's 2019 election manifesto promised to "end excessively long journeys for slaughter and fattening", Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said a live-export ban is a possibility, and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has stated that one is being considered. Now is the time to put words into action.

Under EU single-market rules, no member state can ban live-animal exports, but now that the UK has left, we have an opportunity to institute such a ban. Let's seize it.

Tell environment secretary George Eustice to end this horrific cruelty now!

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