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Despite hearing from PETA France about the cruelty inherent in angora production, French brand American Vintage keeps supporting this industry. Hundreds of companies – including big names such as Calvin Klein, H&M, Topshop, ASOS, and Lacoste – have already informed PETA and our affiliates that they'll no longer use angora, for which gentle rabbits are exploited and tormented.

Even though demand for angora plummeted after PETA released an exposé of the industry, rabbits continue to be confined in isolation – despite being social, sensitive animals – to cramped cages for their entire lives. They're repeatedly "live-plucked" or violently shorn, and when they're no longer profitable, they're slaughtered, simply because brands such as American Vintage continue to sell items made of their hair.

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Dear Mr Azoulay,

I understand American Vintage is still selling items containing angora, despite having been informed of PETA's exposés revealing extreme suffering in the angora industry.

Angora is far from soft: rabbits are confined in isolation to cramped, filthy cages, and up to four times a year, workers tear out their fur or violently shear them. In video footage from an angora farm, rabbits can be heard screaming in terror.

After two to three years, the animals who survive this repeated abuse are hung upside down and their throats are slit.

Please, don't turn a deaf ear to these rabbits' cries. We urge you to pledge never to use angora again, as many other companies have already done, and to choose animal-friendly alternatives instead.


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