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Tell Kenya to Stop Slaughtering Donkeys for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Update. June 2020: Earlier this year, Kenya's cabinet secretary for agriculture announced a ban on all donkey abattoirs in the country, but it has now been rescinded. Donkeys need your help more than ever. Please take action below and demand that Kenya shut down its donkey abattoirs.


A breaking PETA Asia investigation has found horrific abuse in Kenya's donkey slaughter industry, which exists only to meet China's demand for ejiao, a traditional Chinese medicine. The footage reveals that frightened donkeys are cruelly beaten by workers at government-sanctioned abattoirs.

PETA Asia reports that Kenya has opened three donkey abattoirs in the last three years. Many donkeys are transported to these facilities by lorry from neighbouring countries that have already enacted policies to stop this cruel slaughter, such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda. The gruelling trip can take several days, during which the donkeys are deprived of both food and water.

Eyewitnesses found dead donkeys who hadn't survived the torturous journey abandoned outside an abattoir. One donkey on a lorry appeared to be injured and was unable to stand up. Workers dragged her out, dumped her at the facility's front gate, and kicked her. Eyewitnesses didn't see her receive any pain relief or treatment – she was simply left to suffer from her injuries.

There are virtually no regulations against the abuse of animals on farms or in abattoirs in Kenya, so none of the violence captured in the footage is punishable by law.

Take Action

Please call on Kenya's cabinet secretary for agriculture to ban all Kenyan donkey abattoirs and to stop supporting China's cruel trade in ejiao.

Gatirau Munya
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative

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