Urge Kent Brushes to Stop Supporting the Chinese Badger-Brush Industry

A PETA Asia investigation into the Chinese badger-brush industry revealed that workers violently killed fully conscious badgers by beating them over the head with any object close to hand, including a chair leg. The animals were heard crying out before their throats were barbarically slit – so that their hair could be used as bristles in brushes for painting, make-up, shaving, and other purposes.

This groundbreaking footage highlights just some of the cruelty to which badgers are subjected on farms in China for their hair as well as their skin and flesh. Eyewitnesses even found that "protected" badgers were taken from their natural habitat and caged on farms before being viciously slaughtered.

Take Action Now

Kent Brushes still sells an extensive range of badger-hair brushes and has refused to budge in the face of PETA's appeals for it to stop. The company has even defended its sale of badger hair and confirmed that it sources the material from China, where the investigation was filmed.

Please send a message now to Kent Brushes Chair and Managing Director Alan Cosby asking him to end the sale of all brushes made with badger hair in favour of high-quality cruelty-free materials.

Kent Brushes

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