Urge Farfetch to Stop Selling Angora Wool From Tortured Rabbits

After ongoing pressure from PETA – and hearing from our compassionate supporters – Farfetch has announced that its global online luxury platform will be fur-free by 2020. It's great progress, but the website still contains hundreds of items made with the fur of live-plucked, tormented rabbits who are kept inside small, filthy, barren cages and face the ordeal of being plucked up to four times a year.

No matter where it's sourced from, there's no such thing as humane angora. PETA's exposé of Chinese fur farms reveals the horrifying screams of the rabbits as they're being plucked, a process they'll endure repeatedly for two to three years before they're ultimately killed.

An investigation by OneVoice into French angora farms revealed that rabbits were tied to tables while their fur was torn from their skin. Workers also twisted and pulled the animals into unnatural positions in order to pluck the hair, often with the skin still attached, from all over their bodies, including their genitals.

Farfetch is well aware that the ways in which angora is obtained from rabbits are every bit as abhorrent as the production of fur. However, the company didn't respond when asked by PETA to confirm that its new fur policy will include a ban on angora.

As more and more brands, including Gucci and Burberry, ditch real fur and angora in favour of materials that are kinder to animals and the environment, there's simply no excuse for Farfetch to continue to allow unscrupulous designers to peddle cruelty on its website.

Please send a message to Farfetch to urge the company to go angora-free.


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