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Stop the U-Turn: Tell the Government to Stand By Animal Welfare Bills!

The government has abandoned its animal protection commitments, including plans to ban imports of foie gras, fur, and hunting trophies, in a complete betrayal of animals and the public.

Every kind and decent person agrees that there is no place in modern Britain for fur, foie gras, or hunting trophies, all of which are products of appalling cruelty.

Take action now. Tell the government you are outraged by this betrayal!

How the Bill Would Protect Animals

The abandoned piece of legislation would have strengthened animal protection in a range of areas, including by banning the import of hunting trophies, fur, and foie gras.

Vile products such as foie gras and fur are derived from abuse so disturbing that it’s illegal to produce them in the UK. Yet our borders are still open to them – a contradiction that gives companies the green light to profit from this cruelty. And lack of legislation around hunting trophies encourages hunters to continue gunning down animals for sick souvenirs. We must prevent these atrocities – and many others – by implementing the promised animal welfare bill without delay.

Government Priorities

Although the world faces unprecedented challenges, animal welfare legislation must remain a priority. Our departure from the EU has provided the UK government with an opportunity to improve protections for animals, and it must seize it. As the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has stated, “The way we treat animals reflects our values and the kind of people we are.”

The government’s 2019 manifesto promised to deliver bans on the import of hunting trophies, and its Action Plan for Animal Welfare, published in 2021, laid out a commitment for the UK to have and promote the highest possible standards of animal welfare. However, the government has now disappointed the public and betrayed the animals it pledged to protect by failing to deliver on these promises and then abandoning them altogether in the 2022 Queen’s Speech

The UK Public Supports the Legislation

We are overwhelmingly a nation of animal lovers, and most Brits reject vile imports such as fur, foie gras, and hunting trophies.

A recent poll revealed that 72% of voters would like to see the UK government pass more laws designed to improve animal welfare and protect animals from cruelty. More specifically, 77% agreed that it should ban the import of animal-derived products, such as fur, for which the farming and production methods are banned in the UK.

Yet the government has completely disregarded public opinion.


Take Action

Please send your MP a message now urging them to do everything within their power to ensure that animal protection is not de-prioritised and that the promised bans still go ahead.

Send Your Message

Fill out the form below to send a message to your MP. Your address will be used to find your MP’s contact details and included in your message to allow them to verify that you are a constituent. A copy of your letter will also be forwarded to the prime minister and the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs.

Personalising your e-mail is best, but please keep it polite. Here’s a template you can use or amend as you wish.

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