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Join PETA today and help combat the slaughter of China's cats and dogs.

Every year, huge numbers of rabbits, minks, foxes and other animals – including dogs and cats – are tortured and killed for their fur.And nowhere else in the world are more cats and dogs slaughtered for their fur than in China – the world's largest exporter of fur. In an attempt to hide this dirty secret, exported cat and dog fur from China is often deliberately mislabelled as Asian jackal or rabbit fur – not that those animals, too, don't suffer greatly in this hideous "fashion" trade.

Please turn the anger you feel into positive action and help end animal abuse wherever it happens by joining PETA today. There is no more effective advocate for animals anywhere.

Plus, an annual donation of £12 or more entitles you to many member benefits. You will receive a year's subscription to our award-winning magazine, Animal Times, packed full of the latest news, delicious vegetarian recipes and easy tips on how to stop animal suffering in your own community. Whether you are a long-time PETA supporter or you are joining for the first time, thank you for everything you do to help animals. If you would like to become a PETA member or are an existing member and would like to make an online donation, please complete the form below. Once you have entered all your details, please press the 'submit' button to continue.

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